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Cricket world cup history : details and information

Cricket world cup history : details and information


  Cricket world cup history, The game of cricket is a popular sport played on bats, balls and cricket grounds. Two teams of 11 players are playing on the field. The batting team attempts to hit the ball from a rectangular 22 field located in the center of the field. The goal is to score runs, which are the actions of the players of the batting team, when the batsman comes after hitting the ball, which is thrown to a wicket. The team changes after 10 batsmen have been dismissed or set several times. The winning team is the team with the most runs at the end of the game.

  Cricket World Cup and its history

  The International Cricket Council (ICC) celebrates the Cricket World Cup every four years. As with the finals of most games, there are preliminary qualifying rounds before reaching the finals. The first three World Cups to be held in 1975 were held in England. Currently, the host country is determined by a system of rotation between ICC members and affiliates. In Cricket World Cup history since 1975, there have been eleven World Cups with 20 teams.

  1975 Cricket World Cup

  From 7 to 21 June 1975, the world watched the Cricket World Cup for the first time. Which was the beginning of cricket World Cup history. Eight countries including England, Australia, New Zealand, India, West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and East Africa participated. The initial phase began by dividing 8 countries into groups of 2. Each team played teams within their group and 2 teams from each group entered the semi-finals. The semi-final players include Australia, New Zealand, England and the West Indies. The semi-final winners, Australia and West Indies 2, went on to the final round. West Indies beat Australia by 17 runs to become the first winner in Cricket World Cup history.

  2015 Cricket World Cup

  The 2015 Cricket World Cup was hosted by Australia and New Zealand from 14 February to 29 March. 49 matches were played, 26 in Australia and 23 in New Zealand, with both countries offering multiple sites. This time, 14 national teams competed in the qualifying round, namely England, India, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, United Arab Emirates, Scotland, Ireland and Afghanistan. During the tournament, the average audience size was 21,175. The semi-final round was played by South Africa against New Zealand and Australia against India. Sydney hosted the semi-finals. Finally, Australia and New Zealand met in the final, they played in Melbourne. The crowd’s attendance rose to an unprecedented 93,013. Australia defeated New Zealand on a 7-yard basis and became Australia’s World Cup winner 5 times in Cricket World Cup history.

  Australia – Leading Cricket World Cup Championship

  Australia has won more matches than any country in the entire Cricket World Cup history. He has been awarded the title of five-time cricket champion. His first win was in the 1987 Games organized by India and Pakistan. In the final held in India, they defeated England by 7 .. This was followed by their 1999 victory in London, England. Australia defeated Pakistan by 8 wickets. He won again in 2003 when India advanced by 125 runs. The final took place in South Africa. His fourth win was in 2007 at Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados. During this game, he won against Sri Lanka by 53 runs. He had his 5th win in 2015, as noted above.

  Development of the game

  Over time, the Cricket World Cup has seen some changes in the structure and nature of the games. India and Pakistan played host to the final of 1987 for the first time. It was the first time in Cricket World Cup history that the games were played outside England. Due to the hours of summer days in India, the game was shortened from 60 to 50 per ticket. Fifty overs remain standard.

The second major change in Cricket World Cup history was during the 1992 Cricket World Cup, which was hosted by Australia and New Zealand. During these games, colored clothing and white balls were allowed unlike traditional white clothes and red balls. Games were also played at night for the first time. In particular, South Africa joined the Games for the first time in Cricket World Cup history after a boycott due to its apartheid regime.

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