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IPL 2020 Could held behind the door in July.

IPL 2020 Could held behind the door in July.

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IPL 2020 Could held behind the door, IPL was postponed to 15th April in India due to Coronavirus, but due to the rise of the Coronavirus, the IPL 2020 season can be played in a closed stadium in July.

There are so man international players who want IPL 2020 season to happen, but at the moment no international aircraft is coming to India.

The number of people infected with the Coronavirus is increasing everyday in India whose hard IPL schedule was postponed to 15th April. And many players of the world, want to IPL 2020 season to happen, for which they are working very hard. But Government or BCCI has not given any statement about this IPL 2020 season, will happen or not. Now there are also reports that this year’s IPL 2020 could held behind the door in July.

Due to the increasing deaths due to Coronavirus in India and the ban on international flights in India, some people say that it will not be possible to organize a game for three months. And Kevin Pietersen says IPL 2020 season may be played in August – September.

Players say that even though the IPL should be shortened, But it should be organized by the end of the year. Due to Coronavirus in India, the IPL has been postponed till 15 April. In the year 2020. The IPL was to begin on march 29.

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Pietersen said during an interaction with Indian sports broadcaster Star Sport that I believe that the IPL will be organized this year, every cricket in the world is restless to play in the IPL.Kevin Pietersen suggested that this tournament of 8 teams can be shortened and played in a closed stadium.

Pieterson said that this is the only way through which IPL franchises make money. He said that the IPL 2020 should be organized in three empty stadiums where the entry of spectators is not given. It should be completed in three or four weeks.

A lot of revenue is generated from IPL. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) earns US $ 11 billion from the IPL every year, which is very important for the Indian economy.

Chinese phone company manufacturer Vivo has signed IPL as sponsor of US $ 330 million from 2018 to 2022.

Many national and international players are very excited to play this IPL season, now let’s see what will be decided by BCCI.

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