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BCCI Suspends IPL 2020, Till 15th April 2020.

BCCI Suspends IPL 2020, Till 15th April 2020.

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BCCI Suspended IPL 2020, This year the IPL season was scheduled to take place in 29th March at the wankhede stadium. The first match was between Mumbai Indian’s (MI) VS Chennai Super King (CSK). But because of Novel corona virus (COVID-19) it has been postponed at 15th April. But if Novel corona virus (COVID-19) is not finished by 15th of April then this date can be sent even future.

The BCCI will be under tremendous pressure as cancellation of Indian Premier League looks inevitable after Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a 21-day lockdown to tackle Covid-19 pandemic.

BCCI Suspended IPL 2020, Sourav Ganguly said there is no future decision at the moment. He is also in pressure at this time.

This time Lockdown is more important then IPL season because Corona virus (COVID-19) Dangerous for us people. I think IPL will not start from 15th April, because Lockdown is also going to increase. If the Lockdown date is extended further, then once again the IPL date can be changed.

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This came hours after Delhi government said it will not allow any sporting activity in the national capital due to the health crisis. Delhi is home to the Delhi Capitals IPL franchise.

India has more than 70 positive coronavirus cases so far and recorded its first COVID-19.

The Cases of infection from Corona are increasing constantly. The number of infected people has increased to 1,521,253 in the world. Coronavirus has killed more than 88,570 people in the world.

In India, 21 days Lockdown has been done due to coronavirus across the country. PM Modi has said that you have to stay at home till next 14 April 2020. Provision of both punishment and penalty has been made for violating the Lockdown.

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